TIANXI Moon Flower
Focus on women's health

The MOONFLOWER® brand insists on bringing health and beauty to every woman, committing to the breakthrough and innovation of scientific research and maintaining good communication with customers. It has unique brand charm that symbolizes the contemporary spirit of TIANXI Moon Flower, also conveys the elegance and connotation of the brand. Speak of the return of female beauty: the health, charm, independent, confident and very feminine charisma.

The Words from Chairman
We know it’s hard, but we will keep on going, just for the health of people over the world

The brand MOONFLOWER® has taken a long time from birth to rise, we would like to thank all customers, dealers, partners and employees who keep on working in every position for our company. It is our mutual trust and mutual encouragement that allows us to take the opportunities and challenges in the rapid developing times. We believe that every people of our company is going to write the most magnificent poems for the future of TIANXI Moon Flower.Making TIANXI Moon Flower become a good company that is benevolent, trusted and respectable. “To work for the TIANXI, to be exist for the society, to be rich for the nation, and strong for the country.” This sentence is the company always adheres to the concept and the pursuit of the goal, it guides the TIANXI Moon Flower for more than ten years, and will lead us to the future! The new era has come, TIANXI Moon Flower determined to become a valuable and respected company. We will make use of the advanced concept, perfect system and precision management to promote the sustainable development of enterprise. Taking the listed company as the development goal, to build a Chinese enterprise with first-class management level in the world. On the long journey, let us join hands, put our good vision on the monument of the development of company. Let us use wisdom and effort to help TIANXI Moon Flower from good to excellence!

MOON FLOWER is a family